What is Worcester Independent?

Worcester Independent is a Website created to highlight & celebrate the amazing range of independent businesses in & around Worcester.

The original idea was formed in 2013 when we  launched our own business in Worcester. Other things got in the way and the idea was put on the back burner until  2015 when we started looking at the different ways we could try and help other small businesses. That’s when the website was born!

As a small business ourselves we know how difficult it can be to promote your business in an affordable, practical & efficient way, so we thought we should do something to try and help boost independent businesses by raising their profile, especially as they’re very often found hidden away in side streets,courtyards  & out of town locations away from the big chains.

That’s the idea behind Worcester Independent!

All our businesses have their own ‘mini website’ and are listed under various categories which makes it easier for customers to find them.

We will of course add new categories should your business not fit into an existing one! All of the mini sites are search engine optimised meaning that your business will show up on search engines such as Google enabling people to find you in a more effective way.

Why focus on Independents?

Independents have character. They’re run by real people with real stories to tell. Real people who smile and chat, they love what they do and are happy to share their passion with others.

For you as a customer it’s about discovering an fantastic range of goods and services delivered with a personal touch. By enlisting the services of a local independent you are investing directly into the local community.

Spend money locally and it stays local. Everyone in the area benefits, including you.

By shopping smart, local and independent we can make our communities sustainable, save money and enjoy every moment.

Independents on board!

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