Organised Chaos

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ― Albert Einstein

Clutter getting you down? Moving house? Don’t worry help is at hand!

After many years working as a Chartered Surveyor Sue Hardman decided it was time for a change so that’s what she did! She has recently started her own business – Organised Chaos – offering a professional organising & de-clutter service.

Organised Chaos

You have the same twenty-four hour day as everyone else but sometimes that is just not enough! The challenge is making the most of that time & the easiest way to do that is to check out the services that Sue is offering.

Whether your moving house, need help with a spring clean or just looking for someone to organise your  paperwork Organised Chaos has it covered.

Organised Chaos

It’s not always as easy to sell a property these days with supply outweighing demand in most areas. Your home may be in good condition and well built, yet even slight clutter will create a perception of chaos and disorder. This perception undermines your home’s market value. To make your house appear more spacious, light & organised it’s a good idea to hire a professional organiser to guide you in this process.

Organised Chaos

Sue also offers a service for your business – organising paperwork, setting up & helping you maintain filing systems as well as helping you clear the dreaded paperwork backlog!

If you wish to know more about this great service then please don’t hesitate to contact Sue.

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